Why Print Postcards Online?

You will find a host of online postcard facilities online these days. Unlike traditional and conventional printing facilities in your vicinity, you will come across competitively priced postcard printing e-companies that would be more than willing to provide you with amazing discounts on bulk quantities. Moreover, you will find a range of design options for promotional postcards and direct mails in countless colors, sizes and shapes. However, to ensure that you are putting funds in the right direction, follow these tips for cheap and superior postcard printing:

Small Size

By printing and purchasing postcards online, you get the chance to customize them at cheaper rates. If you are on a limited budget, then go for smaller postcard size and templates. For mailing purposes, see the least permissible size at the mailing office and make sure you get your postcards printed around those dimensions. Not to forget, the design and color must be aesthetically appealing and eye-catching.

Many online postcard printing companies provide clients with the option to go after square of 5 x 7 sized postcard templates. Although this is the standard size, online printing companies give customers the leverage to size their postcards as per their requirements.

Don’t Go After Big Brands

Just like the real world, where some companies are more popular than the others – as a result of high-end branding and distinguished positioning, they are likely to charge you more than companies that are not very big or branded. With a little more effort, you will come across overabundant online printing companies that provide decent printing qualities at reduced rates and quick turnaround times. They won’t be charging you extra or premium as they lack the tendency to spend those extra bucks for marketing their own printing company.

The Color Combination

One of the most critical factors that rule out how your final postcard design will look like is the color combination you opt for. Depending upon the use and theme of the postcard, there will be color palettes that you don’t require at all. Furthermore, there would be some segments of the postcard that do not need colors at all. By keeping those segments (such as the back of the postcard) colorless and opting for selective color palettes, you can save a lot of costs.

Bulk Ordering

This is one classic tip that comes in handy when making any kind of purchase online or offline. By ordering in bulk, printing companies tend to give you huge concessions on not only current but future orders as well.

Online Print and Mail is one of those few online printing companies that understand the cost concerns of small and medium businesses and their need to be promoted in the most exclusive manner. Our postcard printing and mailing services in Los Angeles are not just affordably priced, but are high on quality too, thanks to our 30 years of experience in this business.

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