Biting The Dust:Direct Mail Myths

Surprisingly, digital marketing buffs have publicly stated that direct mailing is dead or will eventually die in the coming years. They believe that its impact, influence and usefulness is gradually wearing away and businesses will no longer integrate it into their overall marketing strategies. On the contrary, there are a number of businesses that are making it an integral component of their marketing plans, despite having access to many digital marketing tools. All in all, many companies still trust the power and impact of print marketing.

Keeping aside the rumors of direct mail’s demise, we present to you some more fictitious beliefs about direct mailing:

Myth#1 – Direct Mail is Obsolete

A number of fast-paced and technology-driven companies assert that direct mail doesn’t leave a lasting impact on consumers and it fails to attract their attention in this fiercely competitive business environment. On the other hand, some owners of large corporations disagree. Recent statistics show direct mail accounted for expenditures worth $44 billion a year, making it the solo largest marketing expenditure of all. To amalgamate direct mail with some level of digitization, many companies are now utilizing QR codes with their mail campaigns to optimize marketing efforts.

According to Gary Reblin, Vice President of New Products and Innovation at the U.S. Postal Service, “Mail is evolving, and it can drive purchasing and using new technology.”

Myth#2 –Direct Mail is Expensive

This is true to some extent. Yes, direct mail is costlier to produce and distribute than e-mails and other digital marketing methods, but it has a greater response rate as well. The Harvard Business Review revealed that the response rate of mails is often between 1.1% and 1.4%, whereas, for e-mails and Internet advertisements, this rate is 0.03% and 0.04% respectively. If looked at from a per-unit cost viewpoint, direct mail may not seem as viable as other digital channels, but when you see the outcome in the form of conversion rates and return on investment, direct mail wins hands down.

Myth#3 – The Younger Generation Doesn’t Pay Attention to Direct Mail

Youngsters and adults belonging to the ‘Y’ generation or the so-called ‘Millennials’ have grown up using computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. As a result, marketers easily conclude that digital marketing efforts are likely to catch their attention more than print or mail methods. However, several studies emphasize that this generation is responding more to direct mail than online advertising. This is because emails and online ads desensitize them and make them more responsive to direct mails that have a strong call to action.

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