Helpful Tips for Variable Data Printing

The success of your marketing efforts relies on the accuracy and personalization of your customer mailing list. Through variable data, businesses find it easier to interact with customers and prospective buyers, using personalized efforts in order to generate better conversion rates. This indicates that variable data printing not only raises the Return on Investment (ROI), but also provides businesses with a response time approximately 7 times faster than traditional direct mailing.

All in all, variable data printing is an invaluable tool that aids in establishing a long-term connection with customers. It permits you to alter the text and graphic from piece to piece so that creating a personalized message for a particular customer becomes easier. A very basic example of variable data printing is using the greeting,“Dear Mr. Adams,” instead of “Dear Customer.”

Below are some useful tips that can aid you through the process of variable data printing:

Full Color or Black & White

Black & white laser printing is a cost-effective option when it comes to printing personalized letters, coupons or any other marketing material. However, it is important to know that black & white is an outmoded color format that isn’t as impactful as full color options. By opting for full color, you can exercise greater flexibility in terms of hues, images and designs. Furthermore, businesses have a better ability to customize messages with full color printing than plain black.

Try To Be More Personal

Referring to customers with their names has become a norm now. Given that variable printing gives you full control over what you can include in your message, try to be as personal as possible so that the customer feels as if you are directly communicating with them one-on-one. Variable data printing allows you to make full use of the customer data that you have accumulated overtime such as previous purchases, special interests and personal characteristics. Think about their age, gender and geographic location when crafting a personalized message for them to make sure you don’t end up hurting their sentiments.

Track Results

Variable data printing provides a unique opportunity to gather measurable results. Just like all marketing efforts, the end result is concluded through ROI. You can determine what is evoking best responses, which lists are doing great and the offers that are being redeemed the most. Instead of sitting idle and waiting for final results, make an effort to collect feedback and accumulate more and better information for the future. This will further help you perk up your ROI in the upcoming campaigns.

If you want to elevate your sales and promote your business in the most personalized manner, then you’ve arrived at the right place. At, we offer variable data letter printing and mailing and variable data postcard printing and mailing services that are quick, cheap and effective.

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