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Postcards are not only an exciting way of keeping yourself connected with your loved ones; they also offer a number of other uses and benefits as well. You can use them to write to your friends or family at home, use them as a greeting card, and even use them for advertising purposes.

Postcard marketing is a major strategy for businesses all around the world. It is one of those cost-effective methods that can be added onto detailed marketing campaigns and utilized as personalized billboards that can valuable deliver your brand message into the minds of existing and potential customers. While it is common for people to believe postcards have become an outdated means of marketing, they fail to realize that aesthetically designed and printed postcards can promote brands quite effectively.

Knowing that one of the most hard-hitting factors that deter businesses from utilizing postcards is the tedious and time-consuming process of mailing them, is proud to announce its dependable postcard mailing services. Our postcard mailing service is strictly aligned with the latest U.S Postal Service (USPS) direct mail requirements so that you can mail them to the intended destinations with utmost assurance and satisfaction.

For the convenience of our loyal customers, we have come up with 3 amazing packages that are tailor-made according to varying requirements and needs. The specifications of our postcard mailing packages are listed below:

First Class Postage

If you are working against tight deadlines, then this package is just for you. We came up with this premium package to cater to the mailing needs of our time-sensitive customers. Through this package, we deliver postcards nationwide within a time frame of 2-4 days. Regarding the size of postcards, 4×6 and 4.25×6 postcards are referred to as ‘First Class Postcards,’ whereas, all others are charged at ‘First Class Letter’ rates.

Standard Mail Postage

This package caters to our customers working on a limited budget. Keeping view of this limitation, we designed the Standard Mail Package whereby customers can avail our postcard mailing services at cheaper rates, but with a longer delivery time. You can expect your postcard to be delivered within a period of 5-14 days locally, and even quicker if the destination lends itself to quicker delivery.

Non-Profit Postage

We have exclusively designed this package for all our existing and potential clients that have been granted Non-Profit status by the USPS. All the processes and procedures under this package are exactly the same as our Standard Mail Postage package; however, the postage has been reduced.

To learn more about our postcard printing and mailing service packages in Los Angeles, give us a call at 800-606-0600 today or send in your queries here.

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